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Technical Cybersecurity Training

BreakPoint Labs offers a variety of technical training courses within both offensive and defensive cybersecurity disciplines. We believe that hands-on training in a realistic environment is key to developing the knowledge and skills to be successful in cybersecurity. BreakPoint Labs instructors have over 20 years of combined experience in all aspects of cybersecurity and are extremely passionate about sharing knowledge.

Our instructors can help teach you how to find sophisticated threats, or emulate them by sharing our experience, and helping you through hands-on lab scenarios.

Why Us?


BreakPoint Labs training is heavily focused around hands-on labs scenarios. Learn by doing.


We look forward to helping you develop and sharpen your skillset.

Problem Solving

Our training is designed to teach each student how to think critically to solve technical problems.

Continuous Learning

With each course we give you building blocks and point you down a path to continue learning.


Find Vulnerabilites Before the Adversary

Offensive Training

Network Penetration Testing Training

Hands-on penetration testing training.

Application Penetration Testing Training

Learn how to abuse application features to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.

ICS Penetration Testing Training

Hands-on ICS penetration testing training.

Defensive Training

Vulnerability Assessment Training

Hands-on vulnerability assessment training.

Network Forensics Training

Learn how to dig through a mountain of pcap and pull out evil.

Malware Analysis Training

Learn how to rip apart malware to pull out Indicators of Compromise (IOCs).

Python Training

Introduction to Python Scripting

Introduction to Python scripting designed for those who do not come from a programming background.

Python for Pentesters

Learn how the best penetration testing tool, is the one you write yourself.

Python for Incident Responders

Learn how to automate and rip through logs to find evil

Break the cycle.

Together, lets change the world. Let us be the ones to help.

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