Educause – Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Conference

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Educause – Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Conference

The Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Conference serves as the leading platform for higher education, information security and privacy professionals to convene. It offers a unique opportunity for participants to engage in networking and discussions regarding the latest trends and pressing issues in information security and privacy within the higher education sector. 

The conference will provide timely and relevant content aimed at assisting professionals in addressing the current challenges encountered by their institutions. Attendees will have the chance to connect with peers and industry experts to explore topics relevant to both present circumstances and future developments.

BreakPoint Labs’ Zachary Meyers, Ray Blasko, and  Zach Furst, the CISO of the University of Iowa, will speak on Thursday, May 2, at 9:15 AM (CST) about “Proactive Protection: Leveraging Offensive Assessments to Drive a Cybersecurity Culture in HigherEd.”

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