Network defenders are often not armed with the right information to fix critical permission issues and general misconfigurations within Active Directory (AD). 

Many of these flaws lay dormant in the network for 10+ years until either an attacker or pentester takes advantage of the flaw. This is because these flaws don’t appear in security checklists or vulnerability scanners, which alone can be a daunting task for a large enterprise. 

We often get in the mindset of “needing to fix what the tool tells us,” and if it’s not a critical or high-impact flaw coming out of a vulnerability scanner, it just isn’t addressed. 

This leaves network defenders with an incomplete picture of their network’s security posture.

At BreakPoint Labs, we understand the importance of bridging the gap between offensive and defensive security practices. That’s why we’re excited to share insights from Andrew McNicol’s recent presentation at BSidesCharm 2024, where he offered defenders a unique attacker’s perspective on Active Directory (AD) environments.

During the presentation, Andrew introduced a game-changing tool developed by BreakPoint Labs called Ad-recon, which automates numerous complex queries going through BloodHound data via Neo4j cypher queries. 

Ad-recon is a tool designed to quickly triage BloodHound data (~2-4 seconds to a few minutes to run, depending on switches and data size) and will identify numerous security issues within the AD environment. 

Andrew’s talk dives deep into each query Ad-recon performs, shedding light on the significance of the findings and discussing them from both attacker and defender perspectives. 

Additionally, Ad-recon allows for customization, enabling users to print and modify queries for use in their own environments, whether via code, Neo4j interface, Cypher-Shell query, or BloodHound GUI.

Discover how to fortify your AD defenses with insights directly from the front lines.

Watch Andrew McNicol’s full presentation here:

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