Vulnerability Assessments

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Ever wondered where your next attack could come from and what the impact would look like? Odds are, it’ll target the weakest parts of your network. Through detailed risk assessments and vulnerability scanning of your network and its components, we’ll identify system flaws that a threat actor could exploit to deliver a successful and harmful cyber-attack.


Vulnerability Assessments

Understanding and prioritizing cybersecurity risks is the precursor to developing a plan of action to combat today’s threats and protect your critical systems. Our vulnerability assessments focus on identifying weaknesses within your network and security controls while supporting remediation efforts, so you can confidently stay on the path toward mission success.

Network Vulnerability Scanning

Offered on a recurring or one-time basis, network vulnerability scans use automated tools to assess internally and externally-facing applications, devices, and other systems that could pose a risk to your program’s mission. It allows us to find exploitable weaknesses that must be addressed, such as unpatched software or misconfigured services.

Application Testing

Our software scanning and assessment services find vulnerabilities in web applications that a threat actor could exploit to compromise its integrity and security. We help identify security misconfigurations, cross-site scripting (XSS), Structured Query Language (SQL) injection, and other risks that could be exploited and hinder your mission.

OT Vulnerability Assessments

Addressing critical infrastructure cybersecurity requires you to go beyond the traditional IT network. To ensure cyber resilience, you must evaluate industrial control systems (ICS) and cyber-physical security controls protecting your operational technology (OT). We help find and prioritize weaknesses in these unique and often complex environments.

Risk Prioritization

Just spotting exploitable vulnerabilities isn’t enough to secure a network. We take our vulnerability assessments to the next level by qualifying, ranking, and analyzing the potential impact of exposures to prioritize the risks that could most likely deter your mission and demand immediate remediation.





Operating using a repeatable, proven framework that best enumerates vulnerabilities

Our risk-based methodology allows us to identify and qualify system vulnerabilities without halting your operations. Tailored to meet your specific goals, we use a repeatable process to ensure we expose unknown risks that could impact your mission.

Vulnerability Assessment

Risk-based methodology

Our vulnerability assessments deliver the best insights using a proven risk review methodology. The repeatable process of scoping an engagement to meet your goals, conducting recon on your environment, running network scans, manual evaluation, reporting findings, and supporting remediation efforts enable you to find and eliminate exposures before they become problematic.


Our team is highly-proficient in assessing risks for various environments ranging from large-scale Federal agencies to private sector Fortune 500 corporate networks. We apply the experience while executing vulnerability assessment engagements — allowing us to proactively anticipate challenges, understand the vertical-specific risks, and develop solutions unique to the client and their program mission.

Beyond automated tools

While other cybersecurity service providers may just run a network scan and send the results, we take vulnerability assessments a step further. As part of our robust methodology, we manually evaluate weaknesses in your network and security controls to supplement automated testing — ensuring no exposures go unnoticed.


Proven record of excellence in enumerating vulnerabilities across all sectors


Assessed many diverse network environments

Throughout our hundreds of service engagements, we’ve countless unique misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that threat actors could exploit in various complex IT and OT environments, including hospitals, academic institutions, and federal, state, and local governments.   

Supported DoD research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) community

Considering the sensitivity of military innovations, technology development and transition, experimentation and acquisition engineering throughout the DoD RDT&E community, BreakPoint Labs was tapped to conduct enterprise-wide vulnerability assessments and proactively identify cyber risks before an adversary. In doing so, BreakPoint Labs has evaluated thousands of websites and managed prioritized vulnerability remediation efforts.

Managed large-scale deployments of vulnerability scanning technology

Supporting the Department of the Army, BreakPoint Labs has managed a tiered vulnerability scanning solution consisting of a centralized data collection and analysis management system with more than 100 remote scanners to assess more that 30,000 endpoints each week. In accordance with DoD and U.S. Army requirements, the solution provided vulnerability data to more than 100 users in the contiguous US (CONUS) and outside the contiguous US (OCONUS) locations and served as a principal data source for Authorizing Official (AO) reporting.

Identified internet-facing exposures for multiple Federal Agency Inspector General Offices

Under separate engagements with Federal Agency Inspector General Offices, BreakPoint Labs has performed vulnerability assessments of public-facing websites critical to delivering public services to the American people. From Federal Agencies providing critical healthcare services to those chartered with conducting the nationwide census, BreakPoint Labs understood the high-value assets and data central to the mission and worked tirelessly to highlight cyber risks prior to exploitation by an adversary.

Engaged with the broader INFOSEC community on emerging threats and vulnerabilities

In addition to its unwavering support to diverse clients, BreakPoint Labs is constantly engaged with the information security community to maintain ongoing awareness of emerging threats and vulnerabilities that could jeopardize a program’s mission.


Vulnerability assessments give actionable insights into exploitable weaknesses a threat actor could use to penetrate a network and initiate a cyber attack. Schedule a free consultation today to see how identifying and prioritizing those weak points helps improve your security posture and stay on the path toward mission success.