Threat Hunting & Network Forensics

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If your security controls fail and an attack is underway, how do you pinpoint the location of the threat? Proper incident response requires you to actively investigate threats and assume a breach is taking place. Our sophisticated monitoring and investigation tools help narrow down network security incidents to isolate and eradicate threat actors. 


Threat Hunting

Some of the most lethal cybersecurity breaches are the ones that go undetected for weeks, months, or even years, and the threat to your network and mission isn’t always clear. We provide expertise in proactively searching for cyber threats and using top-quality investigation capabilities to uncover attacks underway.

Intelligence-based threat analysis

Applying open and closed intelligence sources to existing security data is an excellent approach to finding cyber threats in your network. Whether it be investigating systems with known vulnerabilities or prioritizing threat analysis to the infrastructure critical to your mission, we provide in-depth, situational threat hunting tailored to your objectives and risk requirements.

Hypothesis-driven investigations

How do you confirm a cyber attack without testing it? By assuming a breach scenario is underway and providing a detailed hypothesis outlining how, when, and where an attack materializes, we can investigate anomalous activity data and test the foundation of the hypothesis to find and eradicate cyber threats.

Network Forensics

A thorough investigation of a cyber attack demands experts with technical proficiency in analyzing network traffic, finding anomalies, and testing attack hypotheses. Our team runs in-depth network forensics for all types of cyber attacks to uncover the source and its impact on your mission and critical systems.

Tracking indicators of compromise

Indicators of compromise (IOC) use intelligence curated from known attacks and tactics to spot activity that could suggest malicious activity is taking place in your network. By applying IOCs early on using logged data collected across various networks, we can find and isolate cyber incidents before they threaten your mission.

Structured and unstructured forensics

Comprehensive threat hunting and forensics demand both a data-driven and tactical approach. We use network logs and user activity data to spot anomalies that could pose a threat to your mission. Additionally, we leverage our experience in threat actor behaviors and cyber attack tactics to offer even more profound threat insights on your network.





Cybersecurity services that proactively identify and investigate active threats

Our unique approach to threat hunting, which takes insights from a large data pool of cyber incidents and leverages years of industry experience, empowers us to spot threats before they evolve into something worse.

Threat Hunting & Network Forensics

Centralized threat insights gathering

Our team constantly tracks known malware and activity patterns associated with data breaches. With billions of network events data collected and analyzed daily, we can find malware insights and indicators of compromise (IOC) to apply across our threat-hunting engagements.

Active investigations in diverse, complex environments

As a cybersecurity service provider who has run forensics and security assessments across various IT and operational technology (OT) networks, we are prepared for threat-hunting operations in all federal and private-industry verticals.

Proactive attack sensing

Our defensive cyber operations (DCO) use a proactive threat-hunting approach. Rather than waiting for an inbound attack, we leverage information-sharing with industry partners to spot emerging threats putting critical infrastructure cybersecurity at risk so we know what to look for ahead of time.

Deploying cutting-edge network forensics tools

All of the cybersecurity monitoring and forensic tools we use are specific to your unique mission requirements. As a technology-agnostic organization, we aren’t exclusive to any particular vendor and can develop threat-hunting platforms specific to your network scale and complexity.

Using a “threat hunter” mindset

Because of the prominence of false alarms, we got beyond using automated forensic tools for threat identification — letting us spot what other providers may have missed. Our team puts themselves in the hunter’s shoes to critically evaluate how a threat actor would achieve their desired objectives.


Proven experience in proactively spotting cyber threats


Tracked an infamous ransomware campaign

While conducting threat-hunting missions for multiple engagements, we determined notable indicators of compromise (IOC) for a persistent ransomware attack. Threat actors used Cobalt Strike, a penetration testing tool, to exploit vulnerabilities in SonicWall virtual private network (VPN) devices. Once discovered, we used our threat-indication data to spot and resolve similar incidents during client engagements.


Proactively searching for active threats in your network lets you eradicate them before they develop into an impactful attack. Schedule a free consultation to learn how BreakPoint Labs uses best-in-class tools, shared data analysis, and a "hunters" mindset to investigate potential breaches.