Penetration Testing

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There’s no better way to emulate real-world attacks against your critical infrastructure than network penetration testing. By obtaining intelligence on your network and security program and deploying a series of automated and manual attacks, we can tell you which areas need remediation or additional testing to reduce system vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. 


Penetration Testing

To identify flaws in your security system, you must mirror legitimate cyber attacks against it. Our penetration testing services go beyond automated testing tools finding weak points that could be exploited by an adversary. Using complex manual techniques and an in-depth understanding of IT and operational technology (OT), BreakPoint Labs Penetration Testers interact with technology to test how it can be misused, bypassed, disrupted, or even compromised.

External penetration testing

During an external penetration test, our engineers will enumerate an organization’s Internet-facing technology footprint and exposed services to identify exploitable vulnerabilities. Considering the maximum exposure of these systems and services, BreakPoint Labs will work to instill confidence that any vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or other security flaws are discovered before an adversary.

Internal penetration testing

With internal testing, our Penetration Testers will emulate the presence of an adversary inside the network and will attempt to gain access to legitimate accounts using various techniques, such as LAN protocol manipulation, SMB/Samba enumeration, exploitation, privilege escalation, and more. Our internal testing will demonstrate the effectiveness of an organization’s internal security controls to limit or prevent lateral movement and unauthorized access to systems and data.

Wireless penetration testing

Considering the ever-increasing use of wireless networks, penetration testing an organization’s wireless presence is effective in securing the infrastructure. Our Penetration Testers will validate the organization’s wireless network infrastructure, attempt to crack passwords, pursue brute force authentication, and evaluate network segmentation of connected devices and available data.

Application penetration testing

Our Penetration Testers are recognized experts in emulating attacks attempting to abuse application features and functionality. We thoroughly test common security issues, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting, as well manipulation techniques of a sophisticated threat actor to secure your application.

Social engineering

People are often the most considerable risk to an organization. It only takes one error by a user, such as downloading a malicious file or complying with a fraudulent request, for an incident to snowball into a major data breach. Through black box penetration testing and well-crafted spear phishing simulations, we help assess the preparedness of an organization’s end users and promote cybersecurity awareness.





Going beyond automated testing to uncover vulnerabilities posing risk to mission

When deploying a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing campaign, it’s not enough just to identify vulnerabilities to your network. You must also prioritize them based on the potential impact on your program’s mission to patch the exploitable weaknesses effectively. Our team of certified experts prides themselves in identifying vulnerabilities often missed by commercially-available tools, in order to find the maximum number of exploitable vulnerabilities before an adversary does. Our end-to-end methodology and services go beyond penetration testing to help deeply understand the most pressing risks to your organization.

Penetration Testing

Attacker mindset

Penetration Testers are ingrained in a culture of adopting an “attacker mindset” to creatively think like the adversary and leverage technology in creative ways that existing penetration testing or scanning tools would miss. Working collaboratively with other offensive and defensive cybersecurity experts, Penetration Testers deliver full scope penetrating testing services to proactively identify risks.

Risk-based methodology

Our penetration testing engagements deliver the best insights using a proven risk-based methodology focused on the assets critical to your mission. The repeatable process of scoping an engagement to meet your goals, conducting recon on your environment, running network scans, manual evaluation, reporting findings, and supporting remediation efforts find and eliminate exposures before they become problematic.

Penetration testing execution standard

By following the penetration testing execution standard (PTES) methodology, we can plan and deploy realistic attack simulations, determine the mission impact, and support risk remediation efforts based on those findings. The repeatable process of service scoping and reconnaissance, followed by both automated and manual penetration testing, allows us to simulate post-exploitation threats. From there, we can easily report known vulnerabilities and their potential impact for additional testing or remediation.


Our technical proficiency through experience and credentials let us proactively identify ALL potential vulnerabilities


Technically-proficient penetration testing workforce

Our team comprises qualified Penetration Testers who’ve undergone rigorous certification processes in offensive cybersecurity and pentest practices. These include credentials like Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN), GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT) and many more.

Prepared to simulate attacks against unique infrastructure

At BreakPoint Labs, we’re experienced in simulating attacks on traditional IT environments and infrastructure consisting of complex industrial control systems (ICS) and other operational technology (OT). Our team members even hold Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) certification to substantiate our preparedness to secure critical infrastructure technologies.

Actively testing large-scale enterprise DoD and Federal networks

We proudly provide network penetration testing for some the largest, most critical networks with National Security interests. With over one-hundred separate engagements, we’ve deployed Penetration Testers to evaluate large segments of the Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN) and numerous Federal Agency networks .

Emulated social engineering attacks against thousands of users

Throughout our many engagements, we’ve deployed sophisticated phishing simulation tests against thousands of users within commercial, education, Federal government services, and military sectors. Our social engineering tactics have allowed us to highlight vulnerabilities in end-users in order to promote security awareness, education, and training.


Our penetration testing services allow you to identify vulnerabilities in your security system and network by mirroring real-cyber attacks. Schedule a free consultation to learn how our simulated scenarios, paired with threat analysis and risk remediation, ensure you can spot potential severe exploits before an adversary does.