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Network Security Monitoring & Intrusion Detection / Prevention

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Preventing a breach starts with identifying potential anomalies within a network that could be threatening to your enterprise’s cybersecurity or our national security interests. Our advanced network operations and security center (NOSC) services secure all endpoints and IT components by tracking, characterizing, and preventing malicious network activity.


Network Security Monitoring & Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Your network is a complex collection of IT and OT devices, software applications, data, and end users. Without the proper tools and expertise, sorting out all the network traffic and deciphering the “normal” from potentially threatening is nearly impossible. We provide cybersecurity monitoring to help spot anomalies and prevent network intrusions.

Advanced Network Security Monitoring

Visibility is vital for staying ahead of cyber threats and ensuring they don’t develop into impactful attacks. As part of our defensive cyber operations (DCO) solutions, we deploy advanced technology and personnel to track and analyze network traffic data to find abnormal activity that could threaten your mission.

Advanced CSSP management

A robust cybersecurity service provider (CSSP) provides a central information hub for tracking network resources, endpoints, and user activity. With our experts and technology, we can implement an end-to-end CSSP tailored to your unique infrastructure and mission goals.

Security monitoring platform development and deployment

Using an industry-proven development security operations (DevSecOps) approach, we deploy complete security monitoring systems designed for your specific network and end users. We can even integrate these platforms with existing IT and cybersecurity investments for total centrality.

Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention Solutions

Your network monitoring solution is only as good as the threats it detects. We help you maintain a security operations center (SOC) by providing best-of-breed solutions to identify potential threats and present cyber attacks so you can prevent them from evolving into a severe incident that interferes with your mission.

Finding suspicious connections

Some of the most anomalous activity comes from the network connection source. Whether it’s a device missing a user agent, someone using self-signed certificates, a site lacking a secure URL, or a user containing a suspicious secure shell (SSH) connection, we ensure the threat is found and abolished.

Monitoring emerging threats and high-impact vulnerabilities

Exploit kits designed to take advantage of known vulnerabilities to software code or a computer system offer a clear path of entry for a cyber threat actor. We carefully monitor those exploits to stop threats in their tracks.

Tracking ransomware

Ransomware attacks often get deployed at a high volume across a specific organization or industry. Our network detection and prevention tools allow us to monitor sources of website domain names and internet protocol (IP) addresses associated with known ransomware.

Identifying spoofed emails

Spoofed email addresses attempt to trick users into completing an action like downloading a malicious file or divulging sensitive data. Our detection tools allow us to spot fraudulent emails trying to gain deeper access to your network.


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Our unique approach lets us identify malicious activity throughout the entire cyber attack lifecycle

Proven DCO tactics and purpose-built security monitoring solutions that prioritize your mission enables us to quickly find and eliminate cyber threats. We take our real-world experience in detecting advanced threats to help you maintain a mature defensive posture. 

Network Security Monitoring & Intrusion Detection/Prevention

End-to-end attack lifecycle detection

Our network security monitoring processes track the entire cyber attack lifecycle. From reconnaissance of a target to exploitation of a system vulnerability to persistent data theft attempts, we are here to stop a threat actor at all stages of an attack.

Leverage cutting-edge technology

We use a technology-agnostic approach that doesn’t limit us to specific vendors and ensures that only best-of-breed monitoring tools are incorporated into your security operations. We take pride in our agility and responsiveness to integrate the ‘right’ tool to meet the mission need.

Supplement solutions with playbooks and guidance

In addition to providing network monitoring and threat detection, we serve as guides to prepare for incident response management. Using our experience in resolving cyberattack scenarios, we give you the ultimate playbook to address an incident should an anomaly evolve into something more.

Incorporates experience and real-world data

Learning from the past best prepares us for the future. Leverage experience from thousands of government and industry engagements, we quickly analyze malware and identify network monitoring trends that are flagged as indicators of compromise (IOC).

Industry-proven frameworks and methodologies

Upon deploying an advanced DCO for threat monitoring, we use a measure of effectiveness (MOE) framework to evaluate performance and ensure it meets your mission objectives. We also leverage a proven DevSecOps approach to rapidly develop and deploy capabilities to production.

Mission-focused defense

We understand that specific devices, applications, and data sources are more vital to your mission than others. This mission-focused approach lets us monitor high-value assets and prioritize cyber defenses for the most essential network components.


Experienced in providing visibility to our most critical infrastructure


Hundreds of DCO deployments for DoD

We’ve provided advanced network security monitoring services for our Nation’s most critical infrastructure. With over 200 DCO deployments across the Department of Defense (DoD) research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) community, we’ve helped spot some of the most pressing threats targeting National security interests.

Helps maintain visibility in additive manufacturing

Our network and threat monitoring experience extends past traditional IT environments. We fully grasp the complexities and fundamental differences of operational technology (OT) systems and networks. We’ve also developed specific security monitoring tools for additive manufacturing (AM) environments, as a novel solution to maintain visibility and ensure no cyber threat can halt production lines within our Nation’s military operations.


Network monitoring is vital to tracking activity and detecting anomalies that could threaten mission success. Schedule a free consultation to see how our BreakPoint Labs team of experts uses cross-industry experience, best-in-class technology, and real-world data to deploy tailored DCO solutions for our clients.