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After collecting your network data, how do you convert the information into actionable insights to improve your security posture and keep you on track for mission success? Our data analytics and engineering services allow you to see your data in a new light and spot key trends to apply during decision-making and security planning.  


Data Analytics & Visualization

Decisions that could impact your mission success should be backed with data-driven insights. In the realm of cybersecurity, security operations center (SOC) teams must be able to interpret raw network and host-level data in a way that lets them quickly take action. From planning and collection to analysis and reporting, we allow you to see your data in a new light for clarity and improved security.

Identify patterns from your security data sources

Whether it’s a series of suspicious logins or a high impact vulnerability in one of your IT assets, you must be able to see the data in real-time and quickly uncover trends in your data. We provide the expertise and technology recommendations to accurately discover network patterns that could indicate a threat or compromise.

Visualize complex data sets

There’s nothing more overwhelming than staring at a large pool of raw data. It’s far easier to comprehend vulnerability, activity, and other cybersecurity information on a visual graphic that clearly indicates correlations and notable insights. We translate large, complex data sets into actionable visuals so you can better understand and secure your network.

Improve situational awareness of your network

Only through streaming data collection and analysis from high-value sources can you get the ground truth on your network. From network and endpoint level activity to anomalous or malicious, we provide clarity to security operations center (SOC) teams to see everything happening in real-time and take action to reduce the impact.

Enrich your cybersecurity data

Using raw data for cybersecurity analysis makes for manual processes and often labor-intensive correlations and trend analysis. We provide the ability to auto-enrich your security data, under the organizational context, analyze it for trends, and ensure you’re always up-to-date on everything happening in your network.

Improve strategies for better data analysis and dissemination

Regardless of the size and makeup of your network, you must be able to get stakeholders the insights they need for mission success. We develop and execute a tailored strategy designed for you to efficiently collect, enrich, and analyze complex cybersecurity data sets, then quickly disseminate actionable insights useful in protecting and defending the network.


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We use open-source tools and proven industry practices to enable data analytics across all security systems and environments.

Whether your resources are hosted on-premise, in the cloud, or using hybrid environments, we can provide a scalable, advanced data analytics solution for all aspects of cybersecurity. Using a vendor-agnostic development approach, our BreakPoint Labs team creates data pipelines that get you the cybersecurity insights you need when you need them.

Data Analytics & Visualization Capabilities

Asset management

With access to relevant data sources, we can help you regularly track asset inventory (hardware and software lists), and get you the insights you need. Whether it’s information technology (IT) or operational technology (OT) environments, our versatile experience gives you the clarity to optimize asset management.

Identity credential & access management

With ICAM, we can help you ensure that the right person with the right privileges can access the right information at the right time. Maintaining situational understanding of login activity, access privileges, and credential expirations lets you make adjustments that improve secure network access. By collecting and analyzing information from your identity credential & access management (ICAM) systems, we can convert your raw data into actionable findings that improve overall security.

Risk assessment & vulnerability management

Finding a system vulnerability and understanding its severity lets you prioritize security enhancements based on criticality levels. We use advanced data correlations and analytics to understand what network areas and control gaps a threat actor could exploit and how it could impact your mission.

Incidents & events

In large-scale networks, vast amounts of data can be necessary to accurately and effectively spot cybersecurity incidents. We can help you collect and analyze high-value data to spot abnormalities. We can assess and optimize your security information event management (SIEM) and other cybersecurity investments to visualize your integrated cybersecurity event data.

Security continuous monitoring

The on-going observation into the security state of your network and systems lets you spot vulnerabilities and threats that present risk to your mission. With so much data collected from sources across your information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) environment, we can give you the tools to contextualize your data and pinpoint areas that need your attention.

Countermeasures & mitigations

Implementing controls and removing vulnerabilities doesn’t automatically improve your security posture. You need data-driven analytics to evaluate whether new and improved countermeasures positively impact your cybersecurity and overall mission. We deploy the necessary analytical tools to visualize the effect of risk mitigation controls to see if it supports your desired outcome.

Stakeholder communications & reporting

Mission success often requires significant reporting and awareness of the cybersecurity state of mission-relevant cyber terrain. We remove information silos by giving you a way to convert cybersecurity insights into shareable reports that brings the requisite stakeholders into the conversation and enables cross-team awareness and collaboration.


Demonstrating excellence providing security data analytics & visualization solutions across unique environments.


Developed advanced data analytics solutions for complex OT networks

Our BreakPoint Labs Integrated Security for Operational Networks (BISON) is a comprehensive solution to securing non-traditional operational technology (OT) environments, including additive manufacturing (AM) environments. Combining network security monitoring data into one robust package with advanced analytical capabilities, we provide operators with improved situational awareness for often complex networks.

Advanced data science workbench enabling DoD cyber research

We extended our cybersecurity and data analytics capabilities in the development of a data science workbench underpinned by a high performance computing (HPC) architecture, aimed at solving data-intense analytical challenges. In conjunction with DoD Service laboratories, DARPA, and NSA, BreakPoint Labs developed an environment conducive for applied cyber research and development efforts of more than 200 users pursuing the cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow.


Just collecting network and activity data isn't enough to secure your cyberspace. You need pipelines that present data-driven insights and give you the clarity to make decisions that improve your security posture. Contact us today to see how we can deploy end-to-end data analytics & visualization solutions that contextualize your complex cybersecurity data sets.