Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Cyber actors are not biased regarding the OT networks they’ll target. Any organization and government agency is susceptible, so all data sources should be leveraged to predict attacks and focus threat hunting. We deploy automation solutions that gather insights from open and closed information sources to proactively search for lingering threats.


Cyber Threat Intelligence

Proactive preparation for cyber attacks lets you deploy the proper controls, reduce vulnerabilities, and detect incidents impacting your mission-critical assets. Our holistic use of open and closed-source intelligence resources allows us to identify threat actor infrastructure and tendencies to monitor threats specific to your network.

Protect mission-critical assets

Securing high-value assets and protecting mission-relevant terrain-cyber (MRT-C) resources needed for military operations is something we take seriously. By leveraging best-of-breed tools from the top cyber threat intelligence vendors and our insights from open and closed sources, we can prepare you to protect, detect, and respond to threats specific to your critical infrastructure.

Simplify your understanding of threat actors

Intelligence is vital to protecting against today’s cyber threats. You need to know where in your network an attack will target, how, and its potential impact on your mission. We leverage advanced threat intelligence collection platforms that pool data from numerous reliable sources to intuitively understand threat actors and improve attack predictability.

Reduce external cyber risk

For commercial industries and government institutions, a cyber attack can come in many different forms. Whether it’s ransomware, data theft, hacking, or any other threat to your mission-critical assets, intelligence on indicators of compromise (IoC) and command and control (C2) nodes let you effectively protect and monitor your environment and reduce the impact and risk of an incident.


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Applying open and closed-source intelligence capabilities to proactively understand cyber threats.

Our BreakPoint Labs experts utilize a robust cyber threat intelligence platform that collects and analyzes information from a vast pool of data sources. Whether it be open-source information available to the public, proprietary resources for a select few, or insights shared among industry partners, we have all the details regarding threat actor trends, behaviors, techniques, and tools to prepare you for the next attack.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Capabilities

C2 node identification

After the initial exploitation of network resources, a threat actor likely still has control over compromised devices and can further an attack by stealing data, deploying malware, or increasing access privileges. Leveraging our data insights and experience responding to Nation State cyber intrusions, we can help decipher activity that indicates command and control (C2) infrastructure to end an attack at its inception.

Indicators of Compromise

Our cyber threat intelligence platform is equipped with data to help uncover patterns associated with an incident and known attack methods. Using this intelligence, we can spot and alert you of indicators of compromise (IoC) across your information environment to simplify incident response and reduce the impact of a cyber attack on your program’s mission.

Ransomware preparedness

Through robust intelligence-gathering processes and malware-tracking tools, we can monitor how and where ransomware groups deploy new attacks. Additionally, we collaborate with other cybersecurity experts to share and interpret information on prominent ransomware campaigns that could target your critical assets.

Threat characterization

Cyber threat characterization and categorization let you define attacks and incidents in a way to properly analyze them. We use our cyber threat intelligence platform to quickly understand the scope of each threat, help optimize detection and incident response processes, and standardize information-sharing initiatives to improve our cyber threat intelligence down the line.

Incident response playbooks

Standardized procedures for incident response keep everyone aligned on their roles and responsibilities should a successful cyber attack formulate. With our custom-tailored incident response playbooks designed to meet your mission objectives and unique infrastructure, you can ensure your team is prepared to efficiently address attacks head-on for a swift resolution.


Maximizing cyber threat intelligence with industry experience and reliable partnerships.


Countered Conti ransomware group through intelligence sharing

When the infamous Conti ransomware group swept across our nation in 2020 and launched attacks against our critical infrastructure, our threat intelligence teams had been proactively studying the group’s patterns. Collaborating with eSentire’s Threat Response Unit Security Research team (TRU), we shared information that uncovered valuable insights on its use of Cobalt Strike and methods later used by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

Experienced in cyber threat intelligence across complex environments

BreakPoint Labs has proven experience working across complex information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) environments. Throughout many engagements with enterprises, hospitals, manufacturers, and the Department of Defense (DoD), we help organizations contextualize threat data to their specific environment and apply it to constantly improve threat-hunting and attack predictions.


Protecting mission-critical assets requires you to stay one step ahead of threat actors. Contact our experts today to see how our data collection, automation, and analysis solutions let you obtain the cyber threat intelligence needed to proactively combat risks to your organization.