Cyber Red Teaming & Threat Emulation

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Don’t wait for your worst fears to occur before you act. We help you understand how you’d match up against today’s advanced cyber threats by replicating actual attacks against your security controls. Through convert attempts led by our expert Red Team Operators and their arsenal of advanced tools, we’ll identify your high-risk security gaps.


Cyber Red Teaming

Covert Operations

Optimizing security controls by emulating threats unique to your organization using top-of-the-line technology and attack techniques delivered by experienced Cyber Red Teams.

Social Engineering

Our Red Team engagements are consistent with real-world cyber threats by first gaining intelligence on target users and then exploiting them through advanced phishing attack techniques.

Remote, Local, Wireless, and User-driven Attack Scenarios

Depending on the threats facing an organization, our Red Team Operators are prepared to evaluate a client from one or more perspectives – external (remote), internal (local), wireless, or user-driven (social engineering). We’ll work with clients to understand their worst fears in cyberspace, in order to curate an attack scenario that best prepares the organization.

Threat Emulation

Addresses Real-world Threats

Our Red Team operators model realistic threats by leveraging modern-day exploits and Command & Control (C2) infrastructure targeting both primary and backup systems.

Drives Change

We enable real change in your cybersecurity defenses (people, processes, and technology) by uncovering what measures worked and what didn’t so you can close your security gap and ultimately reduce risk. Rather than simply identifying weaknesses, we also enjoy highlighting the strengths and things that are working well to protect and defend an organization.

Tailored to Your Mission

No two engagements are the same. We customize our services based on your unique goals and objectives, so you can proactively secure your critical systems to fulfill your mission.


Cyber Assessment Capabilities



We carefully design Red Team engagements to meet your mission requirements

Our Red Team operators are highly experienced in the delivery of sophisticated attacks while strictly adhering to the scope and rules of engagement.

Adopting an attacker mindset

Thinking like an attacker allows us to accurately and effectively simulate realistic attacks targeting our clients. We’ve adopted a mindset to be creative and think like an attacker. Mindset during an assessment is key. Thinking like an attacker allows BreakPoint labs to assess technology through a different lens and evaluate technology features like an adversary.

Red Team Operator focus

We maintain a culture hyper focused on providing you a premium service to identify risk and deliver value beyond automated tools through manual testing and hunting techniques. At BreakPoint Labs, Red Team Operators are not only highly-trained and credentialed, they share an unwavering commitment to our clients in simulating realistic attacks in and through cyberspace.

Advanced Red Team methodology

We follow a comprehensive methodology throughout each engagement, from preparation and tooling, to active engagement activities, to reporting and documenting lessons learned. The repeatable methodology allows for consistent, high-quality results and continuous improvement in honing tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Passionate about helping organizations proactivity identify cyber risks

We are passionate about finding vulnerabilities missed by automated tools — before they are exploited by a malicious actor. We are truly passionate about cybersecurity assessments. This is our hobby, our obsession, and we look forward to doing what we love to help you identify risk.

Threat emulation to achieve mission objectives

Our adversarial testing allows us to measure your defense-in-depth by emulating real threat actors’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). With a group of experts specialty-trained in adversary techniques, intelligence gathering, and attack delivery, we can test the effectiveness of your defensive measures and security controls. 

We can assess your security operations center (SOC) defenders to measure performance in detecting and responding to attacks of varying complexity and scope. In turn, the defenders receive ground truth on its strengths and weaknesses in detection, alerting, responding and reporting on anomalous or malicious activity.


BreakPoint Labs has Cyber Red Team experience with the most vital National Security missions


Supported Attainment of NSA-recognized Red Team Certification

We are one of a few cybersecurity service firms who’ve supported the attainment of the National Security Agency (NSA) Cyber Red Team certification. The extremely rigorous certification is reserved for the Department of Defense’s (DoD) best and brightest in conducting Red Team operations. Our team members maintain a wealth of industry-recognized cybersecurity certifications, as well as specialized Red Team Apprentice Operator and Red Team Journeyman Operator credentials.

Supported the DoD's First Critical Infrastructure Red Team

We are the sole contractor supporting the first Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Red Team focused on evaluating non-standard critical infrastructures, such as operational technology (OT). From locks and dams to emergency communication systems, BreakPoint Labs’ Red Team operators have simulated attacks against complex OT environments to prepare them for ‘real world’ scenarios

Conducted Threat Emulation for Numerous U.S. Federal Agencies

We’ve run covert Red Team operations for numerous U.S. federal agencies to emulate Nation-state behavior from previously-successful intrusions, in order to understand the improvements and remaining security gaps since the intrusion.

Served as the Prime Contractor for State and Local Governments

Contracting with several State and local governments (i.e., cities and municipalities), BreakPoint Labs has prepared organizations for the real and credible threats facing the continued delivery of public services to its citizens.


Our Red Team experts are experienced in providing threat emulation services to some of the most essential federal agencies, including those protecting our National security interests. Schedule a consultation today to see how our cybersecurity assessments proactively support your program's mission by securing your most critical networks and systems.