Big Data Engineering & Automation

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Robust cyber defense requires a data-driven approach that encourages information-sharing between security tools and teams. It takes resilient software tailored to meet unique operational needs for streamlined data preparation, analysis, and distribution. We deploy development security operations (DevSecOps)  tools that break down silos to implement orchestration and automation throughout your security operations center.


Big Data Engineering & Automation

Large-scale environments within government and enterprise networks come with plenty of complexities. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analysts need a data-driven approach for situational awareness and swift incident response. We help develop and integrate software solutions that streamline cybersecurity operations using big data automation that let you stay on track toward mission success.

Break down silos with an integrated DevSecOps approach

Resilient and reliable software requires a holistic approach that integrates development, security, & operations (DevSecOps) as shared responsibilities throughout the IT lifecycle. Following modern software development principles, we align your organizational goals by implementing DevSecOps pipelines that produce secure, stable, and quality software that meets your mission needs.

Optimize cybersecurity using data-driven processes

Advanced data analytics helps spot network anomalies and threats before they evolve into something that deters your mission. You need efficient pipelines that auto-collect data from various streams and security tools. We improve your posture by developing the code and integrations that streamline data processing and analysis for your security operations.

Improve security agility and reliability with CI/CD pipelines

The cybersecurity world is constantly evolving with changing threats and solutions. Just as you think your network is entirely secure, something new emerges that requires you to adjust how your security team operates. We leverage continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) software pipelines for rapid and frequent development cycles, in order to remain flexible and responsive for whatever comes next.

Prioritize outcomes with infrastructure as code environments

For security teams, mission realization in a secure environment is the only outcome that matters. They must operate efficiently by leveraging big data automation to ensure cybersecurity information is in the right place at the right time. We enable DevSecOps teams to improve productivity and easily scale through infrastructure as code (IaC) environments.


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Reducing barriers to network resources and cybersecurity data using modern DevSecOps solutions.

Our best-in-class processes and technology are proven to improve security operations through automation and advanced analytics. We create the foundation to deploy, integrate, and monitor reliable software that gets analysts the intelligence they need to improve security outcomes

Big Data Engineering & Automation Capabilities

Ensure software resiliency

Reliable software is necessary to collect and process cybersecurity data effectively. Our development process uses modern-day coding and testing principles that give us the confidence that your code will function properly and produce reliable outcomes.

Provide rapid feedback on code

When there’s low-level code issues, time is of the essence to find and fix the problems. We capture rapid feedback with relevant log information, testing, and root-cause analysis to remediate issues before they impact your mission.

Track software dependencies

Without knowing all the third-party and open-source components in your software, you risk having a known vulnerability exposed that could deter mission success. We manage the software bill of materials (SBOM) to ensure reliable testing and upgrading of your software systems.

Demonstrate clear software functionality

Our DevSecOps implementation always leaves a clear roadmap to demonstrate software functionality. Collecting and documenting artifacts throughout the process, all program issues, merge requests, and CI/CD activity are traceable to fully comprehend each software product’s design and architecture.

Leverage robust data engineering processes

We use a proven, repeatable data engineering processes to leverage data as a strategic asset, ensuring effectively collection and usage of data to enable mission success. We implement sophisticated extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes to organize raw data and prepare it for storage, enrichment, and data analytics specific to your mission.


Experienced in producing resilient code that streamlines cybersecurity operations.


Deployed nationwide sensor grid for the DoD’s RDT&E community

We’ve applied our big data engineering and cybersecurity automation solutions to bodies responsible for maintaining our most sensitive national security information. Our team was on the frontlines designing and deploying a nationwide sensor grid to monitor the Department of Defense (DoD) Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) community on unclassified and classified networks. We successfully instrumented the collection, storage, enrichment, and analysis of high-value cybersecurity data to protect and defend the large-scale enterprise networks.

Automating cybersecurity processes throughout the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Our team implemented DevSecOps tools to help a DoD cybersecurity service provider (CSSP) automate processes throughout the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. From high-value data collection to process engineering, we streamlined CSSP processes to allow analysts and operators to focus on more high-priority tasks.


Our technical proficiency in developing resilient software, combined with the using best-of-breed DevSecOps tools, allows us to create a culture of continuous improvement that meets your mission requirements. This approach allows you to control your destiny, whether that be the agility to meet shifting requirements or the flexibility to adapt to changes in the threat landscape. Contact us today to see how you can leverage data-driven processes and automation to optimize your cybersecurity.