Additive Manufacturing Cyber Defense

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Considering the increasing utility of AM within military operations, the security and integrity of AM workflows is of critical importance. Visibility of the AM digital threads, which includes the creation and transfer of data,  is vital to protecting production and testing processes. Our integrated technology enables AM operators to collect and share activity data at scale to detect anomalies that could undermine mission success


Additive Manufacturing Cyber Defense

Innovations like 3D printing enable us to develop parts for our military equipment and critical infrastructure more efficiently. However, the operational technology (OT) involved in this process demands a unique production environment specific to additive manufacturing (AM). Our data-driven and tailored approach to cybersecurity extends to these distinctive environments to detect threats that could compromise the integrity of your AM workflows.

Digitally transform your AM security posture

Additive manufacturing (AM) incorporates complex operational technology (OT) that requires unique security and monitoring solutions. We adapt our proven cybersecurity capabilities to modern-day threats specific to AM environments so you can keep your assets secure and maintain a resilient 3D-printing operation.

Improve visibility for your AM environment

Industrial control systems (ICS) can offer threat actors lethal points of entry to cause havoc on your additive manufacturing (AM) operation. Systems monitoring and data analysis across all operational technology (OT) are crucial to maintain security. We transform sensing technologies to meet the visibility and threat detection needs of AM environments.

Centralize OT threat data to enhance decision making

In additive manufacturing (AM), time is vital to keep pace with production objectives. Threats must get found and removed before they impact your mission. We integrate your operational technology (OT) to put indicators of compromise (IOC) data, correlation & analysis engines, and operator-driven alerts in one place to quickly find and contain threats.





We leverage purpose-built cybersecurity solutions for large-scale AM environments.

Through the use of BreakPoint Labs Integrated Sensor for Operational Networks (BISON), we are fully equipped to improve data collection, systems monitoring, and threat containment processes for additive manufacturing (AM) environments.

Additive Manufacturing Cyber Defense Capabilities

Provide flexible and extensible solutions for any environment

Our versatile security sensors, by design, work to meet any operational technology (OT) environment for comprehensive visibility. They are custom-tailored to adapt to all components while accommodating future additive manufacturing (AM) environment changes to provide a flexible, data-driven OT processing pipeline.

Maintain data provenance across OT systems

Robust monitoring within your additive manufacturing (AM) environment demands knowing your network data’s exact source and movement. We not only implement the sensors to track activity within your operational technology (OT), but ensure you have a detailed data lineage that can trace events to specific data points.

Utilize fault-tolerant capabilities that keep AM operations running

In additive manufacturing (AM), you can’t afford to have the entire system shut down because of one network component failure. Our distributed approach eliminates the single point of failure in the operational technology (OT) sensors and your 3D printing operation so you can always maintain visibility.

Develop data pipelines for self-contained AM systems

Large-scale additive manufacturing (LSAM) environments require self-containment between 3D-printing operators and other operational technology (OT) or processing activity to provide secure production lines. No matter how closed off one workstation is from another, we keep the data pipeline flowing for visibility across the network.

Optimize data collection and retrieval in AM environments

Our sensing technology directly connects with industrial control systems (ICS) data sources for an integrated pipeline. This lets you easily monitor network activity and operational technology (OT) threat data within your additive manufacturing (AM) environment.


Experienced in monitoring complex OT environments and providing thought leadership in AD security


Currently contracted to deploy BISON at DODIN locations

Leveraging our knowledge in additive manufacturing (AM) security and experience in protecting and defending the Department of Defense Information Networks (DODIN), we are actively deploying the BreakPoint Labs Integrated Sensor for Operational Networks (BISON) solution across numerous DoD AM locations.

Actively facilitating research and awareness workshops for AM cybersecurity

We proudly participate in DoD Cyber-Physical Sensing Working Groups — helping to advance the state-of-the-art in AM cybersecurity research efforts. More specifically, we work to actively increase additive manufacturing (AM) cybersecurity understanding across all industries and promote situational awareness of its importance.

Regularly provides expert insights to industry groups and academic bodies

As thought leaders and experts in additive manufacturing (AM) cybersecurity, we provide regular outreach to industry panel groups and prominent educational institutions — offering knowledge and insights.


Backed by years of experience, our innovative security solutions provide visibility and continuous threat monitoring for additive manufacturers (AMs) to increase 3D production reliability, identify malicious commands, and promote situational awareness in your complex AM environment. Contact us today to see how we can secure your AM workflows.