Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO)

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Identifying and Eliminating Cybersecurity Threats Before They Make Their Impact

The modern IT network is a collection of applications, databases, and equipment. The neverending expansion of technology resources makes cybersecurity monitoring a tricky endeavor. Without robust defensive cyber operations (DCO), there’s no way of knowing if you’ve been breached and from where. BreakPoint Labs helps clients maintain secure, resilient critical infrastructure with advanced threat detection, analysis, and response solutions.



Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) SERVICES

Network Security Monitoring & Intrusion Detection / Prevention

Preventing a breach starts with identifying potential anomalies within a network that could be threatening to your enterprise’s cybersecurity or our national security interests. Our advanced network operations and security center (NOSC) services secure all endpoints and IT components by tracking, characterizing, and preventing malicious network activity.


Threat Hunting & Network Forensics

If your security controls fail and an attack is underway, how do you pinpoint the location of the threat? Proper incident response requires you to actively investigate threats and assume a breach is taking place. Our sophisticated monitoring and investigation tools help narrow down network security incidents to isolate and eradicate threat actors. 


Incident Response

So a threat actor has successfully penetrated your network and delivered an attack, what’s next? It’s all about reducing the impact. With our incident response experts ready on the front lines, we can ensure your sensitive data and production environments are quickly restored to keep services online and maintain business operations.


Security Orchestration, Automation, & Response

Cybersecurity monitoring is complex and time-consuming when trying to parse through network and host data sources, implementing countermeasures, coordinating with various stakeholders, and initiating all aspects of incident response. Through our security orchestration, automation, & response (SOAR) solution, you can put these processes on auto-pilot to streamline data analysis and decision-making.     



Employing experience and cutting-edge technology to prevent incidents and uphold your mission requirements

End-to-End Defense

Our end-to-end DCO services monitor user activity and events within your network to identify, categorize, and analyze incidents while providing response guidance throughout the entire attack lifecycle.

Investigative Threat Intelligence

Upon discovering a breach, we use a hypothesis-driven investigation framework and expertise in threat intelligence gathering to pinpoint, isolate, and eliminate cyber threats to your network.

Mitigate Impact

Experienced in addressing high-visibility data breaches, intellectual property (IP) theft, ransomware, and destructive attacks head-on, we mitigate the impact of a cyber incident to keep you operational.

Automate to Optimize

With proficiency in implementing SOAR platforms for DoD Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP) functions we automate your security operation to optimize incident response and meet mission requirements.


An Established Track Record Providing Advanced DCO Services to Protect and Defend National Security Interests


Identified Prominent Ransomware Campaign

Through our many incident response engagements, we were able to track the source and cause an unknown ransomware campaign initiated by Cobalt Strike that targeted numerous client organizations.

Served on the Front Lines for Emergency CISA Directives

After 2021 incidents like the exploitation of SolarWinds and ApacheLog4J, we took immediate action for our clients to support guidelines set by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) directives.

Subject Matter Expertise Enabling the DARPA CHASE Program

Protecting our national security interests, we provided an analytical framework to performers on the for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Cyber Hunting At Scale (CHASE) program to enhance security operations automation by advancing threat-hunting algorithms.

Utilizes a Unique Framework for Continuous Improvement

We employ a Measures of Effectiveness Framework to continuously evaluate the performance of DCO services and ensure our network monitoring capabilities meet key performance indicators (KPI) requirements and constantly improve.


Want to learn more? Schedule a free consultation with the BreakPoint Labs DCO experts to see how our services enable cybersecurity and information assurance through robust network monitoring, threat hunting, and incident response solutions.