Cybersecurity Assessments

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Boosting Your Security Posture by Knowing Your Network, Risks, and Controls

You can’t secure your assets and data without knowing where an attack may come from, how it could get delivered, the potential impact, and whether your current security controls will suffice. Our cybersecurity assessments help evaluate your secure posture and raise the bar, ultimately making it more difficult for adversaries to affect your mission.



Cybersecurity Assessment SERVICES

Cyber Red Teaming & Threat Emulation

Don’t wait for your worst fears to occur before you act. We help you understand how you’d match up against today’s advanced cyber threats by replicating actual attacks against your security controls. Through convert attempts led by our expert Red Team Operators and their arsenal of advanced tools, we’ll identify your high-risk security gaps.


Penetration Testing

There’s no better way to emulate real-world attacks against your critical infrastructure than network penetration testing. By obtaining intelligence on your network and security program and deploying a series of automated and manual attacks, we can tell you which areas need remediation or additional testing to reduce system vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. 


Vulnerability Assessments

Ever wondered where your next attack could come from and what the impact would look like? Odds are, it’ll target the weakest parts of your network. Through detailed risk assessments and vulnerability scanning of your network and its components, we’ll identify system flaws that a threat actor could exploit to deliver a successful and harmful cyber-attack.


Risk & Security Control Assessments

Without a deep analysis of your current security controls, how do you know their effectiveness against today’s threats or if it’s meeting compliance standards? Our experienced team evaluates and optimizes your security program by assessing it in relation to regulatory requirements so you can protect information on customers, taxpayers, and national security interests.  



Tailored cybersecurity assessments to meet national security objectives and enterprise-level goals

Cyber Red Teams

Optimizing security controls by emulating threats unique to your organization using top-of-the-line technology and attack techniques delivered by experienced Cyber Red Teams.

Simulated Environments

Exploiting your mission-critical assets in a simulated environment through repeated scoping, testing, and impact reporting to make it more difficult for an adversary to successfully deliver an attack.

Protect Sensitive Data

Identifying weaknesses and likely entry points specific to your network that could compromise sensitive data, organizational assets, and even our Nation's secrets.

Maintain Industry Standards

Determining the effectiveness of security controls and any gaps required to maintain a robust program and meet the federal government and industry-standard requirements.


We have a Proven Track Record in Assessing Complex Government & Enterprise Cybersecurity Systems.


Supporting DoD's Cyber Red Team Focused on Critical Infrastructure

Servicing the DoD's Cyber Red Team authorized to emulate adversarial activity against critical infrastructure and operational technology (OT) across the DoD information network (DODIN).

Experienced in a Diverse Set of Network Systems

We've delivered risk assessments across various unique environments and industrial control systems (ICS), including large hospitals, academic institutions, and government agencies at the local, state, and federal level.

Proficient in Assessing Internal and External Systems

Through expertise in federal requirements like DHS BOD 18-01 and experience in secure web development tools, we can assess public-facing systems, sites, and email services exposed to the internet.

Adept in Extracting Critical Risk Flaws in Active Directory

When performing a penetration test BPL operators take an in-depth review of Active Directory (AD) and will generally pull out critical risk flaws and misconfigurations that have been missed by years of prior assessments. Customers often ask us “How did these not get found in last year's pentest?” It's truly because BPL pulls from its Cyber Red Team experience to deliver a higher end product for all assessments.