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Developing Solutions for Your Problems

Researchers at BreakPoint Labs aim to transform the art-of-the-possible into the state-of-the-art through operationally-grounded research focused on enabling cyber defenders and disrupting threat actors.

Innovation at BreakPoint Labs begins with our technically literate staff that understand current approaches while developing new methods that challenge existing assumptions. The cyber domain consists of individuals/groups attempting to exploit vulnerabilities or weaknesses – attackers finding vulnerabilities in a web application to compromise a site, or defenders identifying weaknesses in attacker operations to detect and/or respond. By understanding the implicit assumptions contained within software and cyber operations, BreakPoint Labs researchers are the difference to give the defenders a distinct advantage.

Why Us?

Intrusion Detection

Providing expertise in detecting and understanding threats from network, host and user perspectives.

Threat Analysis

Developing technology to identify threats throughout the exploitation life cycle.

Machine Learning

Applying machine learning algorithms to digital evidence for more informed decision making.

Emerging Research

Exploring the intersection between advances in computing and application within the cyber domain.

Break the cycle.

Together, lets change the world. Let us be the ones to help.

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