Falls Church, VA – BreakPoint Labs, a National Capital Region-based cybersecurity services firm, is proud to announce it has successfully been appraised at maturity level 3 of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)® for Services (CMMI-SVC). CMMI® defines a world-class performance improvement model for organizations aiming to deliver high-performance operations. CMMI® is comprised of a collection of best practices designed to promote improved performance, and is considered a global standard for peak efficiency.  

In early October, BreakPoint Labs underwent a formal appraisal by independent assessors to evaluate the company’s technology-driven infrastructure and processes in place supporting its cybersecurity service offerings. The appraisal certified BreakPoint Labs’ well-formed service delivery models, and now compliments an existing International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 quality management system (QMS). The CMMI® Institute accepted the appraisal results on 9 October, which are available for public reference.

“Achieving maturity level 3 for Services represents a major milestone for BreakPoint Labs, as it reinforces our corporate commitment to providing the highest quality services and deliverables that enable the success of our clients. The designation reflects BreakPoint Labs’ culture focused on continuous improvement in how we address the complex cybersecurity challenges in cyberspace,” said William Glodek, BreakPoint Labs’ President and sponsor for the CMMI® appraisal.

About BreakPoint Labs:

BreakPoint Labs, a National Capital Region-based cybersecurity services firm, is dedicated to providing the methods and means for sustainable, measurable, and effective cybersecurity operations. Powered by highly motivated, experienced cybersecurity professionals with technical and scientific proficiency, Underpinned by CMMI® maturity level 3 for Services and ISO 9001:2015 designations, BreakPoint Labs is developing and leveraging technology to enable a more secure cyberspace. With well-formed service delivery models in cybersecurity assessments, defensive cyber operations, research and development, and cybersecurity training, BreakPoint Labs supports diverse customer base in addressing its most challenging problems in the cyber domain.

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