Zachary J. Meyers

Program Manager

Program Manager (Cyber Red Team & Threat Emulation)

Since joining BreakPoint Labs in 2015, Zack Meyers has led Cyber Red Team operations in emulating threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to demonstrate security risks in high-value assets. As a Program Manager providing direct support to a certified and accredited DoD Cyber Red Team, Zack spearheaded the attainment of a unique certification from the National Security Agency (NSA) for a DoD client to conduct red team activities, including external (remote), internal (local), web application, wireless, physical, and social engineering engagements. Zack is instrumental in managing and executing key red team processes, including mission planning, rules of engagement (ROE) development, mission execution, and activity logging standards, as well as providing high-value deliverables, such as senior leader presentations and detailed technical reports.

Zack is a primary contributor to BreakPoint Labs’ penetration testing and vulnerability assessments for DoD, Federal, and commercial clients, and manages daily operations and technical expertise across various offensive security testing services.

Prior to joining BreakPoint Labs, Zack was a key member of a Penetration Testing Team responsible for assessing vulnerabilities of public-facing infrastructure and web applications across a large-scale, enterprise DoD network. Zack led the identification and footprint of vulnerable systems when real-time threats or high-priority vulnerabilities emerged in the wild.

Zack has a Master’s Degree in Cyber and Information Security, a Bachelor’s Degree in E-business and Marketing, and currently has several professional cybersecurity certifications, including OSCP, CISSP, PMP, RTJC, RTAC, GPEN, GWAPT, GCIH, GICSP, GRID, GAWN, CEH, and Security+.