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As members of the SOSSEC, SCES, and C5 consortiums, BreakPoint Labs can leverage the power of Other Transaction Authorities (OTAs) to bring our customers unparalleled advantages. By embracing OTAs, our customers can effortlessly stay at the forefront of technological advancements, free from traditional procurement constraints. The benefits are numerous – from greater flexibility and faster turnaround to enhanced collaboration, tailored solutions, and a significantly reduced regulatory burden.

C5 Consortium

C5 is a consortium comprising leading companies and institutions in C4ISR and cyber technology. It expedites the development and deployment of new capabilities to the Warfighter using Other Transaction Authority, providing an innovative acquisition mechanism. Formed in response to the Office of the Secretary of Defense's request for a new OTA addressing C4ISR and cyber-technology requirements, C5 was awarded an initial three-year OTA with the Army in July 2014 and a 10-year follow-on OTA in April 2017. In April 2018, the Marine Corps Systems Command signed a 5-year agreement. C5's Technology Focus Areas encompass various technologies across multiple domains.

System of Systems Consortium (SOSSEC)

A $100M OTA by AFLCMC for rapid project awards within the ACI mission to streamline the acquisition process. Through this OTA, projects are rapidly awarded to members of the SOSSEC Consortium, managed by SOSSEC, Inc. The SOSSEC Consortium provides development, testing, demonstration, integration, and delivery of prototypes for Air Force C4ISR information sharing systems, including Distributed Common Ground Station, Theater Battle Management Core Systems, Air Operations Center, Open Mission System, Secure View, Information Support Server Environment Guard, cybersecurity environments, Web Temporal Analysis System, Combined Information Data Network Exchange, Collaboration Gateway, and other systems as needed.
This five-year, $499 million Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) aims to facilitate a coordinated prototyping and testing program with the Government to accelerate the development of command, control, communications, computing, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) technologies. The OTA's scope includes the development, testing, demonstration, integration, and delivery of prototypes and technology focused on Air Force related C4ISR systems or subsystems.
The PEO-EIS awarded the COBRA OTA to the SOSSEC Consortium for prototypes in Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO), aiming to accelerate the development and delivery of innovative technologies to enhance military readiness in cyberspace. The SOSSEC consortium conducts critical research, development, testing, and evaluation of innovative technologies to support rapid and responsive projects under the Cyberspace – Real-Time Acquisition Prototyping Innovation Development (C-RAPID) acquisition process. C-RAPID provides an agile mechanism for the iterative refinement of critical technologies based on operational user feedback to inform future procurement requirements.
SOSSEC was awarded a $50M OTA by the US Army ERDC for prototypes in various military engineering fields, including protective structures, geophysical sensors, mobility enhancement, vulnerability assessment, and engineering analysis tools. The agreement involves collaboration between the government and the SOSSEC Consortium to develop and execute a research and development program aimed at maturing and integrating technologies that enhance military mission effectiveness and support the acquisition or development of platforms, systems, components, or materials by the Department of Defense (DoD).
The US Air Force Life Cycle Management Center established PCI through a $400M OTA with SOSSEC, Inc. This initiative aims to improve military aviation acquisition by conducting vital research, development, testing, and evaluation within prototyping projects addressing propulsion needs.
AFLCMC awarded a $95M OTA to enhance military aviation acquisition. The PCI 2.0 OTA focuses on critical research, development, testing, and evaluation within prototyping projects addressing propulsion needs for the USAF, Army, and Navy. The scope includes digital engineering, AI, engine health monitoring, manufacturing, aircraft platforms, systems, components, materials, and platform electrical power systems.
The 448th Supply Chain Management Wing was awarded a $99M OTA to SOSSEC, Inc. for research, development, and testing of technologies related to military engineering, including protective structures, mobility enhancement, engineering technologies, and infrastructure maintenance.
SOSSEC collaborates with NGA's Office of Ventures and Innovation to drive innovative changes into the NSG and ASG environments through a $30M OTA. The program accelerates the research and development cycle of basic and advanced prototypes to address NSG/ASG intelligence challenges, attracting new technologies and facilitating their evaluation and demonstration within NGA to determine their value in solving intelligence problems.


The Sensors, Communication, and Electronics Consortium collaborates with the Government to conduct research, development, and testing. Their focus is on technology demonstrations and prototype projects in sensors, communications, and electronics, as well as related fields. The goal is to enhance warfighter command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities in complex environments.


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