BreakPoint Labs has successfully completed a direct to Phase IIB SBIR effort to tailor BISON (BreakPoint Labs Integrated Sensor for Operational Networks) to additive manufacturing cybersecurity.  This success involved emulating how an adversary could tamper with the AM environment, from the upstream Windows engineering workstations to the additive tools used across the DOD and small-to-medium sized manufacturers.  From this “Red Teaming” we have developed robust detection and alerting mechanisms that are simple enough for non-cybersecurity professionals to leverage.  Our research is increasing trust in these processes by adding visibility into the digital communications involved in operations of these tools.  Going beyond cybersecurity, this increased process visibility is also great for QC managers to trace individual prints “digital footprint” such as print orientation and temperature historian capabilities. 

Rise Again of Niche Competitors

“Most of the products are good and have value for an asset owner. So a niche competitor who has a close relationship with the buyer, is willing to spend more time with the customer, be more flexible on demos and pilot pricing, customize their solution, or just knows that niche better will win some deals.”   

(Peterson ICS detection market – part 1)

BreakPoint Labs is a great example of Mr. Peterson’s above statements.  We are pleased to announce that the development of our niche ICS detection product will be advanced through a SBIR Phase III award – Enhancing BISON to Additive Manufacturing Cybersecurity.  We look forward to increasing BISON capabilities and introducing cybersecurity functionality in 3D printers to prevent adversaries taking away this capability to produce components at the point of need, just in time.

If you are interested in learning more about securing AM or a demonstration of the BISON capability, please contact us at

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