Industrial Hardware

Despite the global shortage of Raspberry Pi’s, BISON will not be delayed by the shortage.  The BISON sensor was developed using a Pi but worksite factors such as heat, poor ventilation, dust and particles from manufacturing processes make the Pi unsuitable for this application.  We have moved to a ruggedized, fanless device that will be a better fit for industrial applications.  The chosen edge device with IP50 dust ingress rating and has Underwriter Laboratories (UL) approval. 

New BISON Sensor
Development / Testing
Field Use Ready

New Detectors

BreakPoint Labs engineers have been busy studying ways to disrupt additive manufacturing processes (keep an eye out for new blog posts!) and how to turn those lessons learned into detection capabilities to increase visibility.  We currently have 25 detection rules based on our research and have a workflow in place for customers to implement their own detection rules.  The best part is you do not have to be a cybersecurity expert or know coding to cater BISON to your Gcode monitoring needs.  Simply identify a G or M command that machine operators are familiar with and add a detection rule through our UI, no coding necessary.  This will allow customization to particular hardware configurations that have unique security requirements such as multi-material printers.

XtechManufacture Competition: Whitepaper submitted for Stage 1 Evaluation 

A whitepaper detailing BISON’s capabilities has been submitted to DEVCOM ARL (U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, Army Research Laboratory).  The judges will select up to 10 finalists to move on to final technology pitches at the 2022 Defence Manufacturing Conference in Tampa, FL.  BISON addresses two of the five focus areas increasing our odds of making it to the pitch stage – Topic 4: Digital Thread, Topic 5: Additive Manufacturing.  Stay tuned for updates as we hear back from the judges! 

If you are interested in learning more about securing Additive Manufacturing or a demonstration of BreakPoint Lab’s BISON AM solution capability, please contact us at: