Managed Security Services Provider [MSSP]

BreakPoint Labs (BPL) is dedicated to providing premium cybersecurity services to customers who seek a proactive approach to defending their organization. Our company's extensive expertise protects Government and Department of Defense (DoD) agencies, as well as both commercial and educational organizations. This range of experience has exposed our engineers to diverse challenges and threats, lending a unique perspective to our customers. BPL is fully focused on cybersecurity and looks forward to becoming an extension of your team.

Managed Security Monitoring and Incident Handling

Detecting and responding to critical incidents and events is a challenge for all organizations.

BreakPoint Labs offers a comprehensive security monitoring and incident handling capability that captures high value logs and utilizes a proven analytical pipeline to identify suspicious, anomalous, and malicious activity.

Our 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC), powered by experienced BPL cybersecurity analysts and engineers, analyze and report actionable information to our clients and work with them to contain and eradicate intrusions.

Our service offering includes both on-site and remote incident response support.

Our sole focus is to protect and defend our client's critical business functions and process.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

BreakPoint Labs offers managed vulnerability scanning services that help to augment an organization's vulnerability management program.

Our engineers take time to work with our clients to understand their systems and challenges in their environment and develop a vulnerability scanning solution that meets their needs.

Our goal is to provide better visibility into the types of technology and vulnerabilities for our clients so they can take a more proactive approach to vulnerability management.

Penetration Testing

BreakPoint Labs offers comprehensive penetration testing services using an established and repeatable methodology with a heavy focus on manual testing.

Every penetration test is different based upon the organization's needs, goals, security maturity level, and various other factors.

Our engineers work with our clients to develop testing solutions that help them get an understanding of what their organization looks like from an attacker's perspective.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

BreakPoint Labs offers various types of assessment services to help organizations get a better understanding of their organizational security risks.

One main service is risk and vulnerability assessment services, which are tailored to help organizations meet compliance with various standards and frameworks (HIPPA, PCI-DSS, OWASP Top 10, Risk Management Framework (RMF), etc.).

The overall goal with these assessments is to help our clients identify the maximum number of ways to improve their security posture while identifying real attack scenarios that could negatively impact your organization.

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