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BreakPoint Labs is dedicated to providing the methods and means for sustainable, measurable, and effective cybersecurity operations. Powered by highly motivated, experienced cybersecurity professionals with technical and scientific proficiency, BreakPoint Labs is developing and leveraging technology to enable a more secure cyberspace.

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Building technology and capabilities for effective Defensive Cyber Operations.

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Proactively identifying vulnerabilities in complex networks.

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Training people through operationally relevant, hands-on experiences.


Helping You Identify Vulnerabilities

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BreakPoint Labs cybersecurity professionals deliver a wide-variety of assessments to evaluate the security posture of networks and information systems, while employing a prioritized, risk-based approach to securing an organization’s most sensitive data.

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At BreakPoint Labs, we provide advanced DCO services to protect, monitor, analyze, and respond to attacks, disruptions, degradation of service, or other unauthorized activity posing risk to networks and information systems.

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Researchers at BreakPoint Labs aim to transform the art-of-the-possible into the state-of-the-art through operationally-grounded research focused on innovations and enhancements to enable cyber defenders.

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BreakPoint Labs prides itself on delivering a mature curriculum of cybersecurity training courses to offer all levels of cybersecurity professionals the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to protect and defend complex, real-world networks.

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BreakPoint Labs is growing quickly and constantly seeking enthusiastic cybersecurity professionals to solve its clients’ most technical challenges. Through an established corporate culture, BreakPoint Labs embraces a highly technical, [geeky] workforce passionate about developing and leveraging technology to secure cyberspace.

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